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Machine Learning in a Box - Business Analytics Made Easy for Small & Medium Industries/Enterprises
Including Introductory to Multiparadigm Data Science

Ten (10) modules delivered in 8 days
Participants will learn the fundamentals of data analytics and predictions with machine learning technologies, using classical examples and live data, specially designed for users from Small and Medium Industries/Enterprises (SMIs/SMEs). The ready-made machine learning solutions include general applications such as predictions, customer loyalty analytics, sales forecast, customer sentiment analytics, quality, and process optimization, etc.

Participants will be introduced the fundamental of data science as well as the basic workflow for handling machine learning projects.

  • No background in data science and machine learning is required for this training. Basic high-school level of understanding in statistics, mathematics, and programming logic is already sufficient.
  • Some essential mathematical and theoretical aspects of machine learning will be discussed in this workshop.

  • Engineers, IT executives, data analysts, business owners with some basic technical background,  who have little experience in coding,  but interested in machine learning technologies and wish to apply it easily on data sets with little costs.
  • Tertiary academicians who are interested in machine learning and networking with industry professionals.

  • Short lectures and demonstrations with practical examples 
  • Hand-on machine learning coding using Wolfram Mathematica language
  • Trainees will be given one (1) unit of pre-configured Raspberry Pi to deploy working models
  • Several online assessments with certifications will be given.

  • One (1) set of training material, including a digital textbook.
  • One (1) unit of encased Raspberry Pi for each trainee in order to deploy the Machine Learning solutions, which will be distributed to the trainee one week in advance.
  • Two (2) online trainee assessment.
  • One (1) month after-training supports & consultations.
  • One (1) digital certificate of completion for the course
  • One (2) digital certificates of completion from Wolfram Research Inc.





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Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning in a Box (PENJANA HRDF INITIATIVE)

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