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A.I. Machine Learning in a Box
Give your company a competitive advantage as every big corporate does. You may now perform and even deploy your very own machine learning solution with some simple steps in a surprisingly compressed time and little investment.

Talk to our team of friendly consultants now.  With highly automated algorithms and high-level scripting technology from Wolfram Research Inc, the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence in a full range of applications are now accessible even to non-experts. Finally, SME/SMI could now gain a competitive advantage in machine learning technologies as some big corporates do!

People like engineers, managers, business analysts, and IT personnel, as long as who is dealing with a lot of Excel spreadsheets, concerning with tasks such as forecasts, trend analysis, revenue optimization, cost minimization, system maintenance, and policy formulations, will find this training package, surprisingly powerful and easy to achieve results, preparing for the advent of I.R. 4.0. and kick-start with a workable A.I. project.

The workshop will provide ready-made machine learning solutions include general applications typically such as predictions like customer loyalty analytics, sales forecast, customer sentiment analytics, quality analysis, failure prediction, and process optimization, etc without on-going overheads or software subscription, etc. This allows SMIs/SMEs to be equipped with a powerful, yet a very low-cost tool, to optimize either their operation planning, marketing strategy, product development, etc.

  • Automate human-judgment tasks
Predictive maintenance, quality control, emotion analysis, not safe for work, ...
  • Make decisions from large-scale data
sales forecasting, finding prospects, modeling consumer patterns, ...
  • Recognize or identify objects or categories
Analyzing surfaces, detecting defects, text, faces, ...
  • Predict from historical data
projections, recommendations, logistics, ...
  • Detect anomalies in data
computer security, fraud detection, system monitoring, ...
  • Identify clusters and trends in data
market segmentation, consumer trends, automatic visualization, ...

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Machine Learning Made Simple

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A.I. Machine Learning

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