A.I. Neural Network & I.R 4.0

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Many companies are trying to use Industry 4.0 to address their incoming business changes. However, according to a study by INTI International University & Colleges (INTI) and International Data Corporation (IDC), over 63% of students and graduates in Malaysia were unable to articulate what Industrial Revolution 4.0 entailed, and among them, over 30% believed they were completely unprepared for what the report called ‘an IR 4.0 enabled workplace’! (Source: Dhruv Mukerjee at People Matters, July 2020)

Meanwhile, many major A.I. or Machine Learning developers, or trainers, only focus on high-scale developments, such as computer visions such as image recognition as well as website automation like chatbots and sentiment analysis, etc. Very little attention is paid to SMIs, who are in need of data analytics and machine-learning prediction for their general operation planning, which does not necessarily require the context of big data management or some expensive investment in their ICT infrastructures or some costly licensing subscription.

Our proposed A.I. package is designed to make simple for any engineers, owners, IT executives from SMEs/SMIs with little technical resources, to gain practical A.I. experience in tackling their real-world problems, without going through a pro-long period of training, which would likely affect their daily job productivity.

In contrast to the market trend, our product, together with our hand-holding training package, is designed to quickly equip SMIs/SMEs trainees with the important techniques of data science, using a plug-&-play budget device to help kick-start a manageable, practical numeric prediction for their daily production analytic, utilizing state-of-art A.I machine learning, and neural network algorithms, with a very little learning curve and with no on-going maintenance cost.

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A.I. Neural Network & I.R 4.0

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